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Medical rhinoplasty

Medical rhinoplasty in Turkey

Medical Rhinoplasty in Turkey is the rhinoplasty without surgery performed in Turkey and organized by Aram Clinic. It is an aesthetic medicine treatment that consists of improving the shape of the nasal pyramid using fillers such as hyaluronic acid.
This non-surgical rhinoplasty in Turkey is clearly suitable for the correction of the minor defects especially the back of the nose and the tip.
In case of significant nasal deformities and deviations, the medical rhinoplasty can not replace the classical surgical rhinoplasty.

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Medical rhinoplasty : when is it indicated ?

The doctor usually advises medical rhinoplasty in case of :

  • Nasal profile changes

  • A small, pronounced bump

  • A deep nasal root

  • A low-projection board

  • Trauma consequences

  • Imperfections after rhinoplasty

medical rhinoplasty Turkey

Medical rhinoplasty : how is it performed ?

The treatment is performed with completely abosorbable fillers based on hyaluronic acid, sometimes botulinum toxin is used to increase the projection of the tip.
The permanent fillers are not used as they can cause side effects such as granulomas, infections and may compromise the results of the future rhinoplasty surgery.
Speaking of rhinoplasty, it is important to consider the aesthetic profile, it means the analysis of all the protuberances that characterize the face such as : the frontal features, the cheekbones, the lips and the chin.

How does the treatment work ?

medical nose correction

The treatment is realized in our partner clinic in Turkey. It is painless, it does not require anaesthesia and lasts only a few minutes. After a precise analysis of the nasal profile, the shape and the projection of the tip, the treatment begins

The doctor uses a very fine needle or a small cannula to inject a small amount of product into the hollow points to align the back of the nose. It will also be possible to increase the projection of the tip and to open the nasal angle

The injection of the filler is therefore made in the hollow of the dorsum and the nasal tip.

After the medical rhinoplasty

Slight redness and possibly swelling that will resolve in a short time. You can rarely have bruises and even these will regress in a few days

Medical rhinoplasty Turkey : the resul

The result of the medical nose job Turkey is immediately visible and lasts about a year.

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