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Aesthetic rhinoplasty

Rhinoplasty in Turkey

The rhinoplasty Turkey is the surgical correction of the nose for aesthetic reasons with modern, delicate techniques and without external scars.
In cosmetic surgery, rhinoplasty is the most requested procedure as the nose is one of the fundamental structures to characterize the face. Consequently, female and male patients need the same surgical correction if their nasal dysmorphism causes them discomfort with themselves and with others. In fact, the operative technique has become so refined over time that today the aesthetic results give rise to a decisive harmonization of the features without altering the basic ones.
For example, the removal of the nasal dorsum bump (what is commonly known as the bump) for a woman, it is necessary to obtain a harmonized softening of the face, while for a man, it is necessary to obtain a new profile that respects the proportions inherent to a male nose.

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The principle of the aesthetic rhinoplasty

It is an extremely precise and delicate surgery because it is performed with very fine and high precision surgical instruments that operate inside the nose and therefore without creating visible scars on the outside.

In the case of respiratory disorders, it is possible to surgically correct the deviation of the nasal septum or the hypertrophy of the nasal cones during the same rhinoplasty procedure in Turkey: in these cases, it is possible to perform a harmonious but also a functional aesthetic surgery for the improvement of the nasal breathing.

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How is the aesthetic rhinoplasty performed ?

As the nasal structure presents many anatomical variations, the correction of its imperfections implies the use of different types of procedures in a surgical strategy "adapted" to the specific clinical case.
The nose job in Turkey is a delicate and virtually painless procedure. However, it must be realized in a suitable operating theatre, under anaesthesia and with one night of hospitalization after the intervention.
The surgeon must target the defect to be corrected and choose the appropriate surgical technique.
The nose is a very complex organ composed of fixed structures with a bony component and slightly elastic structures with a cartilaginous, mucous and cutaneous component that can be reshaped and properly removed and smoothed.
The incisions are made inside the nostrils to prevent scarring. An incision under the upper lip is possible for the endobuccal access to make minor corrections. However, if the surgeon needs access to the nasal and to the cartilage structures further back, the incision will be made discreetly at the base of the columella.
The surgeon will then be able to lift the skin and begin his surgical procedures. Everything is then carried out according to the preoperative "project" agreed during a very precise specialized examination. For this, he respects both the aesthetic requirements of the patient and he also takes into account the technical needs of the procedure according to the anatomy of the nose and to its defects that should be corrected.

  • To lengthen a small nose, the surgeon must perform a bone graft or a cartilage graft.

  • To remove a bump, the surgeon can then plane the nasal hump. It is also possible to alleviate it by a medical rhinoplasty through the injection of hyaluronic acid

  • To refine a flat nose, an ethnic rhinoplasty is performed.

The most important thing is to respect the entire facial features. A profiloplasty is sometimes performed by combining aesthetic chin surgery with rhinoplasty.

Rhinoplasty Turkey : the postoperative phases

plastic rhinoplasty Turkey

The patient will have to wear a rigid but small and very light bandage on the back of the nose to restrict swelling after the procedure.

After the intervention, the tissues recover in the new anatomical situation and the patient will certainly be able to resume his social life quickly because the procedure does not leave external scars.

The result of the rhinoplasty in Turkey

The final result of the rhinoplasty Turkey will only be visible after 6 months. But after three months all the tissues begin to stabilize definitively and the patient will be able to see the changes. But it is a question of nuances : when the dressing is removed during the first check-up one week after the intervention, the result will already be visible at 90-95%.

The rhinoplasty in Turkey allows you to obtain a nose in the desired shape thanks to the best Turkish plastic surgeons. Get a fine nose that harmonizes with the rest of your face at a low price during a stay organized by >Aram Clinic.

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