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Septoplasty in Turkey

Septoplasty Turkey is offered as part of a medical stay with Aram Clinic. Septoplasty is a corrective surgical procedure to modify the shape or to reconstruct the nasal septum.

The modern septoplasty needs to be considered as a comprehensive nasal surgery. Among all the surgical solutions, the preference goes to the method that succeeds in solving the problem while preserving the tissue.

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Septoplasty : how is it performed and when is it indicated ?

The most common indication for septoplasty is the surgical correction of a deviation of the nasal septum which is the bony and the cartilaginous wall that divides the nasal cavity into two nostrils. The latter is made up of folds or deformities capable of restricting the space needed for air to pass through the nose. Hence the importance of intervening to improve breathing
We must not forget that the nasal septum is one of the fundamental support structures of the nose and that its deviation is generally associated with a visible deviation of the back and of the tip of the nose
The procedure should not be confused with the reduction of a nasal bone fracture.

  • In the case of a fracture of the bones of the nose, the procedure aims at restoring the correct anatomy of the nasal pyramid, that means the visible external part of the nose

  • In the case of a rhinoseptoplasty and in addition to the correction of the "internal" deviation of the nasal septum, the external appearance of the nose is also corrected

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How is the septoplasty performed?

The septoplasty should be performed under general anaesthesia. The surgical procedures on the nasal septum under local anaesthesia have very few indications. The general anaesthesia offers greater safety to the patient and allows the surgeon to operate more easily
Correcting a deviated septum is a complicated procedure. Good experience and manual skills are required to achieve good results. No external cuts are necessary. For the correction of a deviation of the cartilaginous part of the nasal septum (the anterior part), "soft techniques" can be used
The surgeon makes an incision in the mucosa and then reshapes the cartilage to make it straight. However, in most cases that are subject to surgical therapy, there is also a deviation of the bony part of the septum. To correct this deviation, the surgeon has often to use "strong techniques". In some cases, it is necessary to correct this type of deformity by osteotomy. Hence the absolute possibility to perform the procedure under general anaesthesia.
Once the deformity of the septum has been corrected, the surgeon closes the mucosa with resorbable stitches and ensures that the wall remains straight as long as it takes for the bone and for the cartilage to reunite. To do this, the surgeon attaches plastic strips to the nasal septum by inserting full thickness stitches. These are held in place for at least a week.
To reduce/avoid the risk of postoperative bleeding, many surgeons use spongy tampons that are placed in the newly operated nasal cavities. This practice is not always necessary and its necessity is determined on a case-by-case basis.
Every surgeon has preferences in terms of surgical techniques and dressing. Apart from the application of wicks after the septum nose Job in Turkey, it is common to use a non-invasive bandage to be removed the day after the procedure. If the wicks are applied after the surgery, they will be removed after 3 to 4 days.

Septoplasty : the postoperative phases

septoplasty in turkey

The recovery period for such an intervention is 15 days. After this period, the patient can usually resume almost of all his daily activities but in limiting physical exertion for some time

Septoplasty : the results

The result of the septoplasty Turkey helps the patient regain normal breathing by straightening the nasal septum. As soon as the bruising and the edema have disappeared, it means after one month, the patient starts to breathe normally again

The septoplasty can restore a persistent nasal obstruction. The patient is relieved of his daytime and/or nighttime breathing problems. It can also improve breathing under stress during sports performance or to be considered as a surgical treatment for nocturnal apnea syndrome, but in this case, it is often associated with other types of procedures

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